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Burretone Guitars is a small custom shop based in Greece. All guitars and basses are handcrafted carefully. My purpose and focus is to deliver the best, to craft a great playing and performing instrument and also an eye-catching one!


The "Castaxe" is a series of aluminum guitars that are made from casted aluminum. It is one basic piece of aluminium that begins at the bridge and continues all the way through the neck and ends at the headstock. The fretboard is made of wood and is glued on this piece, the body, also made of wood, is bolted on this piece and the bridge is also bolted on this exact piece. After the sand casting process the aluminum is removed from the mold and worked on hand in order to be shaped better. Casted aluminium is not as perfect as the CNC machined aluminum. That means you can always find imperfections in a build like this, but keep in mind that none of those imperfections have anything to do with the performance or the tone and sound or the functionality of the instrument. These imperfections are only in appearance. You can notice them in pictures, like some discolorations or roughness, sometimes small areas with porosity in the aluminum piece, or in some areas the edges of the aluminium is not exactly straight and perfectly fitted with the wood, but all this is combined and converted into the whole vintage and aged/relic guitars philosophy and feeling that you will always find on Burretone Guitars. Right now I do not accept orders on aluminum guitars, I just build some pieces and you can buy one of those when you find it in stock.


K.B. means electric guitars and basses built by spare parts. This is the affordable option but we have take care that all the essential details like fretboard playability, neck pocket, bridge, nut, pickups and tuners are upgraded. Αlso the assembly and final set-up is done by a experienced professional Luthier with attention to details, and on top of that a unique finish by Burretone guitars.


All guitars and basses are handcrafted that means you have to come in contact with me in order for me to arrange a build. Although, occasionally you can also find an instrument in stock that you can buy directly. You may contact me directly, preferably via my instagram or facebook account, but if that is not possible
you can contact me via direct message by email at



In case you want to buy a stock instrument you just have to transfer the total amount and after the payment has been cleared within a day or two, your guitar or bass will be shipped.

In case you are interested in a custom build then the payment is a two part process. Firstly, you need to transfer one third of the total amount/cost and the rest at the end of the crafting process along with the shipping cost (when your final product has been crafted).



The preferable payment method is via Bank Transfer: You can find the details down below.

Bank Tranfer Details:

  • Phone: +306982983035
  • Address: 14 Temponera, Karditsa, 43100, Greece
  • IBAN: GR0701726050005605098764493
  • Bank swift: PIRB GR AA
  • Bank name: Piraeus Bank
  • Bank code: 017
  • Bank address: 2 Amerikis Street, GR, Athens, Attica, 10564, Greece



Shipping Cost

The shipping cost for one musical instrument is 50 € (EUR) for Europe and 70 $ (USD) for USA. All orders are shipped as priority parcels with tracking informations provided.



The guitar is shipped inside a foam case in order to travel safely. If you would like a hard case I can provide you with one, but keep in mind that is not a really good deal for you, since except for the additional cost of the hard case you have also to pay a far more expensive shipping cost, which makes it unbeneficial in the end. Instead you can receive the guitar or bass and if you like you can buy a hard case whenever you like and you can choose which case you want to have.


The time needed usually is about 2-3 months. I always do my best to deliver as fast as possible.


I buy my timber only from trusted companies to make sure that it is properly dried and certified wood. You have to know what is happening to this planet right now. I try my best not to waste wood or any other material. All paints and finishes that I use are water based and environment friendly.

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